Team Building Activities- Are They Worth It?

Building a successful business from scratch may take years of hard work, great risks, and stress- and that’s exactly how the wealthiest people you know today built their wealth. Coach Michele.

A team that does not get along well struggles to deliver, while a team that enjoys a harmonious relationship works cohesively to ensure overall success. Great or effective teams, however, don’t just happen –they are built. But how are they built?

“Building a great team starts with engaging the right people, right from the word go, i.e., hiring the candidates who care about the company’s mission  and agree to its values and goals . From there, the journey to creating a cohesive unit out of every hire begins, with you or any other deserving team member as their leader,” explains Coach Michele Ellis-Williams, home care coach and business owner.

Team building activities:

Today, we look at team building activities as one of the many ways to build a successful team – are they worth the hype or are they just a total waste of time and money?

“Team building activities are not a waste of time and money; on the contrary, they can save a company or organization a ton of money and time in the long run,” explains Coach Michele. “The first and most important thing team building activities do is to bring employees together, thus enabling them to bond and build stronger (professional) relationships.”

“Good relationships in the workplace means that team members are more comfortable around each other, and, therefore, find it easier to share or voice their ideas and opinions and to brainstorm with each other. Once achieved, this kind of teamwork or cohesion gives way to so many positive outcomes, as we are about to see,” continues the home care coach.

The benefits of team cohesion in an organization/company:

“Team cohesion gives team members a sense of belonging, which is an emotional need of acceptance every human hold. When this happens, team members automatically begin to think less about individual success and more about team success. At this stage, everyone is motivated to give their best, after all, this is THEIR team, where everyone’s opinion and contribution matters and is needed in attaining the team goal or goals. All this leads to increased motivation in the workplace, improved employee satisfaction, and eventually, greater company success,” explains Coach Michele.

More Benefits of Team Building Activities – Re-Energizing And De-Stressing The Team

“Many business owners and managers are guilty of focusing more on the happiness of their customers and less on the needs of their workforce. While customers are an integral part of any business, the truth is that no business can operate without employees and neglecting their needs will cost any business or organization,” continues Coach Michele.

“Among the many ways you can take care of your employees’ needs is by taking care of their mental and physical wellbeing, and team building activities present a great way to re-energize and de-stress your team. The healthier your workforce, the healthier your business is likely to get, as healthy employees tend to be more productive,” concludes the coach.

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