Michele William Ellis!!!!! This woman is a God’s sent. There are a lot of people passing around here with the title of “Coach”. All I have come to find out is that they are only for the money and limelight. I just thank God for bringing someone in my life who along with her husband Coach Rob has blessed my life. If these people only knew how much I talk about them, they will think I am crazy. I am only so thankful, so I share my story about them to help others become better. My prayer for them is that God will continue to lift them as they navigate the process of lifting others. With their BLUEPRINT, you cannot fail. All you have to do is follow it to the letter… Thank you Coach Michele and Coach Rob. I cannot wait for next year’s conference. HCEC ’22 was fiyah!!!!

Patricia Woods

This firm provides direction and classes designed to assist with opening a private home care business and much more. The VIP Hybrid Course is at your own pace for one year. You receive group and individual assistance. There are other courses available as well. By the end of the course year you can apply for a state license to become a Private Home Care Provider. Coach Michele and her team are great! P.S. You can visit the website and sign up for a 15 minute free consultation to see if it is something you are interested in.

Cheri Rich

Listen!! I never write reviews but I’m always checking ratings, so I feel like this one is warranted. I found Coach Michele on YouTube shortly after COVID started. I signed up to become a VIP client and got my license in 21days!!! I literally go back from time to time and look at my notes, she shares a lifetime of nuggets. This year was my first attendance at conference and I’m still blown away. Sign up! You won’t regret it.

shavonna clayton

I knew once I saw Coach Michele’s YouTube videos that she was going to be my coach. Coach Michele is kind thoughtful and always thinking about her VIPs. Because of my Coach I am able to run a successful compliant business. Thank you Coach 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Ayan Ismail

The first time I spoke to Coach Michele, I could fill the love and compassion that I had seen in her You tube videos. Coach Michele shows this every single time she speaks to me and certainly every time in her zooms. When Coach Michele speaks I am eager to listen and want to know what she’s saying.

She provides me with so, so much of information and doesn’t mine going above and beyond to help me. Personally, she is my Special VIP Plus Coach. I love her, and respect her. She treats me with respect, she has great integrity, she very, very transparent, and shows how much she wants me to succeed and be successful in life with my business.

I had the opportunity to attend Coach Michele’s 2022 Homecare Conference and it was Absolutely Amazing, there were many break throughs, marriages were being restored, people were being blessed with money, tears were shared.

I experienced a break though, I had to EXHALE…I am Fired Up!! and on a mission to complete my “WHY” Coach Michele is the very best and I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of her Assignment.❤️

Cathie Oliver

This is my 3rd time attending Coach Michele’s Home Care Conference and it’s great every time you and your team are awesome I had a wonderful time.I’ve learned so much from you coach. You always say serve first and the rest will come.I recommend Coach Michele to anyone looking to start any business she is the bomb and she is an amazing beautiful spirit like minded human being to have for a coach. Coach Michele you keep doing what you’re doing for our community may God continue to bless you 🙏 💘 you coach for all that you do.


I was supposed to attend conference in 2021 but i had a lifechanging event to happen and when i let coach know they i couldn’t be there she immediately reached out to me that instance and made sure i was alright she told me that my ticket could be used for 2022. I put my coaching calls and my dream of becoming a homecare owner on the back burner then one day i decided it was time for me to get it together I made up in my mind nothing was gonna stop me from my dreams after leaving conference i had the reassurance and the motivation to not give Up No matter what came my way no matter how many rejections i received Being at conference lit a fire under me and I will be Successful


Yo she’s better than 5 stars!! Coach Michelle is everything! Serve first and the money will come!!! She will get you all the way together and help your business grow! But you have to do the work!!!!

Nicole Terrell

2022 Conference was everything 3.5 Million on the way!

Reavonne Campbell

I highly recommend Michele Lee Ellis Consulting! Coach Michele will stay by your side and make sure that you receive your home care license. Her program is very informational and helpful with all your start up needs, from the application process all the way down to what type of office furniture you should start off with. You can’t lose with this program I’m happy we chose her to assist us in opening our up agency.

Latonya Gilmore

I highly recommend Coach Michele if you’d like to grow your business. I thank God for Coach Michele, she teaches me the skills needed, and provided knowledge on how to grow my business. Our business is doing well. We still keep her as our Coach that’s how great she is..

Lourdemir Aime

My husband Calvin and I was very successful with opening our home care business with the help of Michelle. We just want to say thank you Michelle for all your help. Job well done.

Janet Hunter

Worth every penny! Im completely satisfied with the guidance and assistance of Coach Michele and her team in helping me get my agency up and running. They really “speak my language”.

Lourdemir M Hayes

My experience with Coach Michele has been life changing. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from such a selfless, compassionate person.

Tonya James

Coach Michele is such an inspiring force. So motivating and inspirational. I am so PUMPED up from the homecare empowerment conference. So many breakthroughs and collaborations made. Get involved with Coach Michele so you can change your life. I give Coach infinite Stars

Hallie Nicole Gibson

Coach Michele is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I don’t know how we would have been able to set up our Home Care business without her, & her team. She is truly an expert in more than just the Home Care industry. Her real, down-to-earth, life-applicable wisdom, can help you in just about any business. Her coaching was much needed, & one of the best decisions that we have ever made in business!

Ray Kennard

Coach Michelle is Awesome!! Her energy is everything!! She is very professional , knows her stuff and very informative .Very down to earth. You and your team rock! Thanks so much for all you do.

Dominic Elder

Coach Michele is “The Real” deal. She is a wealth of information and a true expert in home care. She drops so many nuggets that you need a wheel barrel to carry them all. You won’t go wrong with Coach.


Coach Michele Lee Ellis Is a phenomenal coach, if I’ve ever seen or heard one! I have been following her on line for more than a year. She gives so much information during her Live streaming. You can start a homecare business with the information that she shares so freely online. She keeps it 💯 !
I have had the opportunity to attend her coaching conference over the last two days…. All I can say is WOW! If you’ve never attended one of her conferences. I suggest when and if you can get there it would change not only your business, but your life! Thanks Coach Michele and Coach Rob!

Wanda Burkes

Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Omyree McIntosh

I just attended my first home care conference with Coach Michelle and the amount of knowledge and empowerment I have recieved for my business has been life-changing. Full of valuable information and inspiration, coach teaches with compassion and care. She truly is invested in your growth and I look forward to attending next year!

Brenda Young

This was my first time attending this conference and I’m so glad that I made the decision to come. It was very inspiring, informational and fun. I was so amazed of how many MILLIONAIRES that you coached to where they are today. Everyone was given soooo much information to help make my business grow and I’m so grateful for that. Coach Michele and Coach Rob thank you so much for all of the information and such a wonderful weekend. I’m already looking forward to next years conference. Continue to stay safe see you next year

Tracey C

Creative and innovative mentally and physically of an individual to step into the uncomfortable zones of life and business owners with grace, structure and skills. Expanding from all levels of her social media structures and onboarding VIP Membership.

missy Levy

Coach michele does not just teach you about how to start a home care business, she also teaches you how to sustain it. She inspires and motivate me everytime I talk to her or hear her speak. she she share her experience and knowledge freely and she genuinely wants to see me and everyone she coaches succeed. Thanks down the best decision and investment i have ever made.

Nancy Talley

I had the pleasure of speaking with Coach Michele today, who enlightened me about life and business. In just a short amount of time, I have learned how to attract the good and look for greatness in my life and business. Anyone interested, she is a wealth of knowledge willing to share. See you in April 2019!
2021: I have followed coach for two years as you can see above- update: I have joined the VIP program “ I have access to training videos dating back to 2018”
I made goals and i accomplished them just with coach consist motivation and wisdom provided. I have witnessed successful individuals who are willing to share information on “how to”. This is my first conference and I am extremely proud that I came because it was REAL with REAL LIFE stories and REAL business professionals. The speakers were amazing, Natasha fed my spirit with her powerful speech, the entertainment was amazing and the organization was on point. My take away was life changing and I had realize my lack there of is because of lack of work. Do the work and I will be PRE-EMANATE!!!

Tracy B

I have been following Coach Michele for approximately a year in my research to become a Private Home Healthcare Provider. I made a quality decision to go further joined the HCP Tribe then purchased a ticket to attended my first HomeCare Empowerment Conference and it was a very informative session with insight into WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN and HOW to start your agency. The real live testimonials and up close experiences of the attendees (that by the way spand from the east to the west coast) was what I needed for my JUMP OFF THE PORCH moment. Truly Ain’t No Conference Like A Coach Michele Conference 💎

Tracy Ford

I had the most impeccable learning experience at this conference 2021 is my year to improve my business and employees. I have invested in that with Michele. We are never to busy to learn things.

Diana Askew

So grateful for Coach Michele! She is truly a blessing… If you are on the fence about starting your business…. you are at the Right place! Coaching is her passion. Please check out the Homecare empowerment Conference… or check out her YouTube/Facebook videos! She is the truth! Authentic & Real results….

Brittany Jones