Home Care Consulting

Welcome to Coach Michele’s Home Care Consulting, where we ignite the spark of success and empower you to soar to new heights in the home care industry.
Our non-medical home care consulting services are designed to guide, inspire, and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey of building thriving home care businesses, from inception to revenue generation.
Coach Michele has been the driving force behind the success stories of countless individuals who have started and grown their home care agencies. With her home care consulting expertise, expertise, knowledge, and unwavering support, you too can turn your dreams into a thriving reality.
Our home care consulting services offer three distinct pathways to cater to your specific needs:


Our VIP+ package is the epitome of exclusivity and elite status. It offers you the rare opportunity to engage in a 1:1 coaching experience with Coach Michele herself. 
Please note that acceptance into VIP+ is extremely limited and requires a thorough application process. Only a select few are accepted annually based on the level of business intimacy with Coach Michele and her dedicated team.

VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0: Aspiring or Newbies

If you’re just starting out or find yourself stuck with zero to a few clients, our 12-month VIP Hybrid Gold 2.0 group coaching program is the perfect comprehensive home care consulting solution. This program provides you with the guidance, support, and strategies needed to kickstart your business and take it to new heights. Click here to learn more and embark on your journey today.

VIP+ is perfect for self-starters who are highly dedicated, fast-paced individuals running a business or working in high-paced industries with limited time. 
As a VIP+ member, you’ll receive unlimited home care consulting, coaching calls with Coach Michele and her exceptional staff. Additionally, you’ll have the privilege of texting Coach Michele directly, ensuring immediate access to resolve burning questions and receive on-demand support.
Embrace the exclusivity and elite status that comes with VIP+. Seize the opportunity to take your business to unprecedented heights and unlock your full potential. 
Apply now for VIP+ and join the select group of individuals who are committed to achieving extraordinary success in the home care industry. Your journey to greatness starts here.