Writer and Web Content Creator

Grace, a born and raised Kenyan, is an integral part of the Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC team, serving as a Professional Writer and content creator. With her exceptional skills and passion for writing, she dedicates herself to helping Coach Michele’s tribe turn their dreams into reality.

For Grace, writing is not just a profession—it’s her true calling. She understands the power of authentic and original content and vehemently opposes plagiarism, recognizing its potential to tarnish a brand’s reputation in an instant. With her unwavering commitment to quality, Grace ensures that every project entrusted to her is executed successfully.

Since joining Coach Michele’s team in 2017, Grace has consistently delivered outstanding results. Her track record speaks volumes about her professionalism and dedication to the craft. Whether it’s crafting engaging website copy, compelling blog posts, or persuasive marketing material, Grace’s writing captivates and resonates with the intended audience.

Beyond her work, Grace finds joy in various pursuits. A passionate reader, she immerses herself in the world of literature, constantly expanding her knowledge and creative horizons. Embracing the beauty of nature, she often embarks on invigorating hikes, finding inspiration in the great outdoors. Grace also nurtures a deep connection with her spirituality, fostering a close relationship with God that brings her peace and fulfillment.

As a valued member of the Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC team, Grace’s talent, dedication, and genuine love for her craft make her an invaluable asset. Her passion for writing and commitment to producing exceptional content continue to uplift and empower Coach Michele’s tribe, helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

Stay tuned for more incredible content from Grace as she continues to weave her magic through the written word, making a positive impact on our clients and the world.