Do You Provide Your Employees With Regular, Constructive Feedback? If Not, Here’s Why You Should Start!

There’s a part of your brain that will never allow you to chase your dreams. It is afraid of change and will release fear into your system the minute you start thinking about change. Are you going to allow this part of your brain to continue to control your destiny or are you going to control it insteadCoach Michele.

The Importance of providing your employees with regular, constructive feedback:

Providing regular, constructive feedback is one of the best things you can do to improve your organization’s bottom line as the owner or manager. Yes, in case you didn’t know, constructive feedback can catapult your business to success. We are just about to see how, but first, what is constructive feedback in the workplace?

What is constructive feedback in the workplace?

According to Atlanta-based home care coach, Michele Ellis Williams, of Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, constructive feedback in the workplace can be described as any helpful or positive information that is given to an individual after an appraisal or review of their work or contribution.

“Constructive feedback is given to employees and other team players to point out any weak areas in their work, and to help identify possible solutions. This kind of feedback is meant to achieve various goals, among them being, communicating work expectations, improving efficiency, encouraging employees, and building their confidence,” explains the home care coach.” The opposite of constructive feedback is destructive feedback and it does the exact opposite – it attacks employees directly without any supportive or practical advice. And unlike constructive feedback, it discourages them and tears their confidence to shreds.”

So, why is regular, constructive feedback important and how does it improve an organization’s bottom line? Here’s what Coach Michele has to say:

  1. Improving employee performance/productivity

“Every business needs a workforce that gets the job done according to the expectations of both the employer and the customer. Poor employee performance affects customer satisfaction directly, and this, if not addressed on time, prompts customers to seek services or goods elsewhere. Giving regular, constructive feedback boosts employee performance in various ways, including providing customer expectations and pointing out areas that need improvement. Through this kind of feedback, employees are able to do better every day and eventually achieve their full potential,” explains Coach Michele.

  1. Decreasing Costs

“When it comes to increasing a company’s profit margin, decreasing or reducing costs becomes an essential factor, and one effective way to reduce costs is by maintaining the right talent. For those who didn’t know, replacing top talent is extremely expensive – as expensive as $5,000 per employee in some cases, depending on the industry,” says the home care coach.

 “How does providing regular, constructive feedback help a company in maintaining the right talent? By improving the efficiency of existing employees, – which contributes to their career advancement and job satisfaction levels. This makes them feel valued and supported, which, in turn, fosters their loyalty. All this contributes to a healthy employee turnover rate, thus helping the company in avoiding or reducing the additional costs of hiring new or replacement workers.”

How regularly should constructive feedback be issued?

According to Coach Michele, feedback should be given as soon as possible – the sooner it’s given, the sooner an employee can improve. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with delivering feedback publicly or in the presence of other employees, as long it is positive feedback. Of course, negative feedback must be issued in private – bringing it up publicly will only demoralize an employee in terms of self-esteem and bring down their productivity even further.

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